The Galaxy S III had quite a few surprises in store for us when it got launched in May. Besides all the glitz and glamour of the device itself, the accessories that came with it had their own charm specially the wireless charging pad which is a first of its kind peripheral developed by none other then Samsung itself. Even though the wireless charging pad is currently not available till September, there is another alternative which is relatively quite similar to the one initially showcased with the Galaxy S3’s launch.

Verizon have come up with a charging station that should work with most phones that support wireless charging. The Galaxy S III back cover that needs to be purchased as well, however, is a genuine, Samsung-made product. But before you head to your local Verizon store, allow us to tell you how much the whole set will cost you. According to our source, the charging station is listed for $70, but has been marked down to $50. The Galaxy S III back cover that supports wireless charging will set you back another $39 making it $89 for the entire kit.