There are are number of launchers found in the Google  Play Store, but there are some which set the bar a bit higher. Three names come in that category, Go Launcher, Nova Launcher and last but not the least Apex Launcher. Apex and Nova are almost identical UI wise, Apex Launcher does have a more smoother feel to  it though. Some may disagree but that is my observation.

Apex Launcher, just got a major UI tweak which makes your look to have Jelly Bean running on it, the new Beta version 1.3.0 does bring with it, a bag of new features including performance improvements. The homescreen does not lag a bit when scrolling from one homescreen to the next unlike in Go Launcher with low spec smartphones (you need to force stop the stock theme in order for it to work smoothly). You will have to do no such thing with this launcher.

The following features come with the new beta version:

  • Improved unread Gmail notifications (pro)
  •  Option to choose search bar style (ICS or JB)
  • *Add widgets from drawer w/o root (JB only)
  •  Fixed voice search icon bug in JB
  • *Fixed direct dial shortcut for SGS3/TouchWiz
  • *Updated translations

The Pro version has its own beauty and comes with additional features like:

  • Multiple configurable drawer tabs
  • Unread count notifications
  • Dock swipe gestures
  • Two finger gestures
  • More transition effects
  • ADW, LauncherPro, and Go Launcher theme support
  • Batch add option for folders
  • Option to merge folder contents
  • Widgets in dock (1×1 only)
  • Overlapping widgets

The Key Features to be highlighted are the performance boost, the new 7 inch phone layout for tabs and the resizing of widgets or icons automatically to fit in more.

If you are unsure of getting this launcher if its Beta, then rest assured most of Apex Launcher’s Beta updates have been very stable in the past, this one is no different, but still keep in mind it still is in a beta stage so tweaking will keep on happening. If you currently are using Apex Launcher then just check for updates in the About Apex Launcher menu and click on Beta. The Launcher comes in two version the Pro version is for $4.00 and there is a free version too. So give this launcher a whirl and get a taste of that sweet little jelly bean.

Source : XDA Developers