Not so long ago we had mentioned about a new line of “flexible” displays being developed by Samsung called the Youm Displays. Well it now seems that the display’s aren’t the only flexible peripherals to be adapted in future cellphones and other electronic devices. There are now flexible batteries as well. Created by Professor Keon Jae Lee and his team at the Korean Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology; these solid-state flexible batteries retain their energy level when folded, spindled or mildly mutilated.

Flexible Batteries

These one of a kind rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are actually printed on a thin film. Applying battery material to rollable displays has always been a big problem for gadget manufacturers thus far but this breakthrough could change the way we think about surfaces, screens, and case materials.


As you can see from the video, the thin film battery can be bent over and over again without reducing voltage output. Professor Lee expects this technology to be part of “next-generation fully flexible electronic systems” but there was no discussion of potential commercial adoption. I guess we’ll just have to wait for our Easy Roll Soft-Style iPods or Android devices for that matter for another few years. First it was Flexible Screens now its Flexible Batteries….WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD IN STORE FOR US NEXT ??