The Galaxy S III since its launch has been reviewed, tested, and even dropped for that matter and it still doesn’t cease to amuse. What we are about to show you guys today will simply put all previous tests to the test….LITERALLY. As crazy as it may sound but this guy was actually brave enough to conduct this test which others wouldn’t even do in their wildest dreams.

We found this guy named “aperfectgalaxy” on Youtube who actually went as far as to conduct a “Drag Race” screen scratch test on an iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S III. It’s no secret by now that the iPhone 4S has some pretty fragile glass draping the chassis, but does Samsung’s Galaxy S3 with Gorilla Glass pose better protection for these $600-$800 investments ? YES IT DOES !! and the video will prove it. So Ladies and Gentlemen brace yourself before hitting the play button; its going to be a bumpy ride.