With so much choice out there, selecting the perfect oven for your kitchen can be a real challenge. Here are the major pointers to bear in mind during your search.

Aesthetics: In many houses the oven is the centerpiece of the kitchen, so if you’re giving your home a makeover then installing a new model will significantly enhance the overall effect. It’s a good plan to have an idea of what the rest of the room will look like before buying an oven. What colour will the walls be? What style are your units? And what impression do you want the finished kitchen to convey? You can buy good ovens nowadays in all shapes, sizes and colours, from large range cookers to compact stainless steel models, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes. Browse the ovens range on a site such as Currys to get a better impression of what’s available.

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A great all-rounder… the New World 600TSIDLM from Currys, £429.99

Function: One of the first questions to ask yourself when buying an oven is what you’re planning to use it for. Keen cooks who regularly throw dinner parties and make full Sunday roasts will need greater capacity and sophistication than those who simply want to make the occasional lasagna or heat up ready meals. Your cooking habits should influence the size of your oven, the number of burners you have, and whether you choose to add extra features such as a deep fryer, griddles, rotisseries and steam units. Bear in mind that extra features and bigger capacity will add to the price tag, so keen cooks should set a budget limit before starting their search.

Gas versus electric: This is another key decision to be made by anybody in the market for a new oven. Gas tends to be favoured by serious cooks and professional chefs for its instant response and controllability, but electric delivers more even heat and tends to be lower cost initially. The best bet for many people will be to opt for a dual fuel cooker, which supplies many of the advantages of both energy options. If you’re not sure what type would suit you best then you can find out more by comparing different models at a site such as Which?