WhatsApp is currently one of the most downloaded instant messaging and file sharing app in the world. Whether its an Android device or not you will find it installed on almost any cell phone irrespective of its OS. Most recently a news was leaked which is going to leave users of this much loved app shaken quite a bit…to say the least. Some developers discovered that WhatsApp sends the chat messages between users in plain text unprotected without any encryption, these developers used this hole in the WhatsApp security and made an app called “WhatsAppSniffer” which is basically just a packet sniffer.

WhatsApp sniffer

WhatsAppSniffer which is only supported on Rooted devices can show you any chat messages sent from smartphones and devices thorough WhatsApp client’s via WiFi around you, which is a very serious problem for users privacy. However, If your WiFi is protected with WP2 the sniffer App may not work. The guys behind WhatsApp are desperately trying to overcome this issue as soon as possible before it starts creating any serious privacy problems for its customers. Till then just be extra careful if you are using the app over WiFi.