Now here’s an amazing and handy little device which can easily fit in your wallets or card holders without any hustle and bustle. The ChargeCard for iPhone and Android developed by KickStarter is a unique little accessory which everyone would prefer to carry with them at all times.

CardCharger portable USB charger

The ChargeCard will make sure that your device always stays charged, by smashing a USB cable into the shape of a credit card where it can easily be stowed away in your wallet or back pocket. As they say, convenience comes at a price and that is exactly the case with the ChargeCard which is currently pledged to sell at a retail price of $25 and for the time being is only available for the iPhone and iPad. Android and BlackBerry users should not be left dejected here as they too would soon be getting their hands on a mini-USB compatible version of the ChargeCard which promises to work as a charm on these devices.