Adobe Flash not supported for android

Its official now folks, Adobe had mentioned earlier that they would no longer provide Flash supporton Android Devices after August 15th and it has been confirmed today. The move is in keeping with Adobe’s stated policy on mobile Flash, as the company announced in late 2011 that it would be abandoning its efforts in the smartphone and tablet market to focus on development for HTML5 — an open standard touted as the future of rich Web content.

If you’ve already got the Flash plug-in on your Android device, it should still work, though official development has ceased, and users of Jelly Bean are out of luck in any case; Adobe never developed a version of the platform for  Android 4.1 JellyBean, and says that it has no plans to do so. Existing Flash installs on certified devices will continue to receive security updates, however. For those who still haven’t downloaded the App, this is the final chance for you. to get your hands on it before it gets remove it from the Play Store in the next few hours.

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