TeamViewer has been one of the most reliable and authentic computer remote controlling software’s to-date. Till now we were only able to use it on our PC’s and Mac’s but now its even possible to remotely control your mobile phone from a PC. Surprised ?? Well that’s exactly what TeamViewer QuickSupport is all about.

This unique app actually allows you to remotely control your phone or tablet via a PC. This is obviously something that many would be interested in but before we start to get too excited, let me remind you all that this App is EXCLUSIVELY for Samsung devices having original Firmware and would not be supported for any other devices.

The Play Store won’t even let you download it for any other devices. But if you’re a (proud) Samsung owner and you’ve been looking for a remote use application to control your Android device, this is as good as it’s going to get. Let’s hope the company  rolls out support for other manufacturer’s as well but till then all you Samsung users can feel free to download it from the Google Play Store

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