Google have integrated its Google+ services in Gmail and it is now possible to use all the amazing features of Google+ while your on your Gmail page. One of the stand-out features of Google+ is the Hangouts option which allows up to nine people to video chat simultaneously and that’s not it. Google+ also offers many other exciting activities such as the ability to play 8 ball pool with any of your friends, draw sketches, watch youtube videos in real time and also share screens for remote assistance. Well all this is for the desktop version of Google+, now what we are interested in is its Android compatriot.

Recently the Google+ app has been updated on the Play Store and now supports most of the Hangout features found on the desktop version. This most recent update brings improvements to hangouts, allowing younger users to initiate them and all users to watch hangouts on air. Most notable when you first open the newly update app, you will see a grey bar at the top of the window with sharing options.

This is a welcome addition that saves you that one extra tap when you want to share a post.In addition, the new version has floating timestamps in photo view. For those of you getting frustrated with spam in the new “events” feature, the ability to report abuse straight from the app has been added as well  .