Escape From Rikon

Developers going by the name of Tvee have released a new side-scrolling one called Escape From Rikon. The game features a more cartoon style of visuals and is for all those who love continuous running game but are just looking for something different.

Escape from Rikon is a side-scroller where you can jump over and slide under obstacles. Themed a lot like Temple Run with the whole jungle atmosphere, there are also power-ups you can buy from the coins you collect from each run you do in the game.

The controls are pretty easy. You simple tap on the left side of the screen to make your character jump while tapping on the right will make him slide. The objective is to survive as long as possible while collecting coins at the same time. The game also features direct sharing options using which you can share your newest high scores with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Orkut.

Escape from Rikon is different from most of the continuous side-scrolling games these days and is definitely worth a try.  It is available for free off of the Google Play store.

Download Escape from Rikon