Ice Rage, an arcade hockey title, That is an already successful iOS game is now coming to the Android as well  . This hockey game, which has some interesting characters and feels more like Pong than regular hockey, is an extremely simple arcade-style skating game in which you take to the ice and attempt to score more goals than your AI- or buddy-controlled opponent.

You get single and multiplayer modes, characters like Bike Baron and John Gore, plus bears and other critters. Ice Rage proposes 3 levels of difficulty and in the hardest setting you get to control the goalie, too, together with the field players. This 8 bit hockey experience allows you to take puck shots at the opposing goal and even smack the rival that attacks your side of the ice rink.

Ice Rage has been developed by HeroCraft and the game is already a success on iOS devices. The Android version is set to release by the end of this year.