Last Fish

Pyrosphere has just released their third game, Last Fish. This game is something completely different from the studio’s previous titles and genres, with Last Fish being a nice fast-paced action game.

In Last Fish, you’re a fish that swam into the wrong part of the water. To survive you will have to avoid black goo and dangerous shadowfish. You will have to eat white glowing food to obtain health points, or stand in a fixated area for some time, in order to complete some of the levels.

Last Fish Features:

– Intuitive tilt-based controls
– Stylish monochromatic graphics
– Atmospheric soundtrack
– Simple and addictive game mechanics
– 45 levels and 5 arcade stages
– 3 star performance score on each level
– In-game achievements

The game features artwork which at best can be described as having an abstract-tive uniqueness to it. The music creates an almost mystical atmosphere, something you might have experienced before if you’ve played Osmos.

Last Fish is available on Google Play, for just $0.99 from your pocket. If you like indie games with a unique art style to them, then Last Fish is definitely a game for you.

Download Last Fish