Temple Run: Brave

Disney has paired up with Imangi studios to bring to you Temple Run: Brave which, as you would have guessed, is a tie-in game for their latest animated movie Brave.

All of us have played, or at the very least heard, about Temple Run. Temple Run is an endless running game in which you are being chase by demonic monkeys. You have to  tilt your device to collect lines of coins and swipe the screen to turn corners and avoid obstacles.

As it was expected, Disney has decided to keep much of the core gameplay of the original Temple Run intact, while making only a few modifications. New background music has been added and instead of playing as a treasure hunter, you will be playing as Princess Merida, the protagonist of Brave. Rather than being chased by monkeys, you’re on the run from a giant bear named Mordu. The game has a different setting too, with the original one being set in some isolated forest, Temple Run Brave is set in Scotland, but you’ll still encounter similar obstacles, like tree roots to slide under and pits to leap across.

Imangi and Disney have only added one new thing to the game and that is archery. Archery was a major part of the movie and so, naturally, Disney has decided to use it in the game. The way archery works in the game is that during your run you would occasionally see several targets on the screen, tapping them would result in you shooting them with an arrow. If you hit those targets you get bonus coins which can be spend on costumes, wallpapers and the same old power-ups.

Temple Run: Brave is available on thee Google Play store for $0.99.

Download Temple Run: Brave