We keep on giving you reviews about android apps but today I thought about talking a bit about very own competitor’s app. Yes you guessed it correctly I am gonna talk about an iOS app. Having already become a very reputed name in the field of mobile application development, iCandyApps continues to please customers with a top quality of the products released. Great functionality, style and class, taste and unique content – that’s what the company is focused on. This mobile development house aims at giving users tons of ways for bringing creative and original ideas to life, expressing genuine emotions and simply having fun. Producing really amazing apps takes up a lot of time, effort, energy and requires full and all-round commitment to the job. Progressive minds at iCandyApps are completely ready for such kind of engagement needed to win customers’ love and loyalty.
Professionalism and passion of the iCandyApps team allow the company to keep on introducing fresh products. One of the titles enjoying huge popularity is Message Designer, a superb Lifestyle application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The app provides every user with a fantastic opportunity to make messages as shining and colorful as the rainbow. Message Designer perfectly fits those bored with exchanging monotone and dull texts when chatting in iMessage, WhatsApp Messenger and other messaging apps. People are able to develop an exclusive design of their SMS or MMS by experimenting with a stunning variety of glaring backgrounds, striking effects, text bubble patterns and numerous fonts.
Using Message Designer app, everybody gets a good chance to impress nearest and dearest with a total makeover of text messages. Thoroughly developed user-friendly interface lets creating a true masterpiece in just a couple of seconds. People get a wide selection of marvelous pre-designed templates together with a possibility to combine different fonts or to drop a shadow effect. The app appears to be a wonderful tool for customizing messages which lets users stand out from the crowd of similar SMS.

With Message Designer app it comes easy to stay unique. Personalizing texts goes quick and convenient when applying bright presets and decorating messages with bold, italic and underlined fonts or a large palette of colors. After previewing a totally fabulous SMS or MMS people can immediately send it to friends and amaze them with the style and beauty.