Just two days back we gave the news that Samsung has to pay $1 billion to Apple. Did we mention the payment method to be used ? NO as we didn’t think payment method was all that important . The news revolving all over the internet is that Samsung has sent 30 trucks, loaded with 5 cent coins to Apple’s office as the penalty payment . I am wondering if that’s true how long would Apple take to count it ? But Before you get more exited, I’ve to tell you that it seems like a hoax, as all this started from a famous humorous website 9gag. There are two questions popping in my mind is, Firstly does it have any legal implication if Samsung actually does that  ? and secondly If yes,  from where is Samsung going to get $1 Billion Coins ? IF you have my answers, the comment box is waiting for you.


Samsung Sends $1 Billion Coins To Apple



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One Response to “Samsung Sends $1 Billion Coins To Apple for Penalty Payment”

  1. Spelling Teacher says:

    excited, not exited


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