Granny Smith

Mediocre Studio, the developer of the super successful casual game Sprinkle, has just released Granny Smith, the racing platformer they had promised us some time ago.

Simple put in the story someone has stolen granny’s precious apples he takes out her old skates dusts them off and skates through farmland and skyscapes, crashing through everything from barns to offices in the pursuit of what rightfully hers.

Granny is only equipped with her skates and a walking stick, but as the game is set to auto skate, all you need do do is make Granny jump, slide or use her cane to hang on railings or wires at the right time. This is fairly simple but as the game would progresses there would be more than a few incidences when you would be screaming in frustration.

During the chase you may need a few power-ups as well which range from helmets to banana skins which you can buy using the coins earned in-game. You also don’t need to complete the game while only playing as Granny, if you want you can switch to Scruffy (a dog) or Stanley (a grandpa).

Granny Smith consists of 36 levels, all of which take about a minute to complete, and you can choose to play any of them at any time, provided that you’ve already unlocked them. This makes Granny Smith an extremely casual game, something Mediocre is famous for.

The visuals and design of the game are a bit cartoon-ish but still very good, with Tegra 3 devices getting better effects. The background music and sound effects are average. The game’s physic-based engine is very good and makes the whole experience so much better.

Granny Smith is available on the Google Play store for $0.99, which is not considering all that the game has to offer. Even though at certain times Granny Smith becomes repetitive, its still worth a try.

Download Granny Smith