Quizomania HD PRO ( Quiz )

Lighting Studio has just released it latest game for the Android titled Quizomania, a fast paced quiz game.

Quizomania features thousands of question divided into 11 categories which range from history to biology. The game also includes 8 jokers whom you can use when you’re stuck at that ridiculously difficult question.Quizomania also features 3 different gaming modes, which are the real reason I actually played this game, namely theĀ normal quiz, stages mode, survival mode.

The normal quiz is exactly what it sounds like,featuring 3 difficulty levels, you have a limited amount of time in which you have to try to answer 18 questions, taking help from the jokers when you’re stuck.

In the Stages mode, you play inĀ 8 different categories and use your combined score unlock new, harder levels. While you can still use jokers, scores are very important and so you have to plan ahead each time you do so.

There are no jokers present in the Survival mode, with you’re only objective being to answer as many correct answers you can. Wrong answers won’t end the game but will reduce play time.

Two versions of Quizomania are available on the Google Play store. Quizomania HD FREE which is essentially a demo version on Quizomania HD PRO, which is available for $1.87.

Download Quizomania HD PRO

Download Quizomania HD FREE