A very special guest has joined the Angry Birds family today and that special guest is none other than former Queen star Freddie Mercury.

This will not be the first time music and Angry Birds have come together.Green Day had recently added some custom levels to Angry Birds Friends on Facebook to promote and celebrate the launch of their newest album. While the Green Day promotion was only limited to the Facebook game, Freddie Mercury’s looks to be involving the entire franchise is one way or another. Gene Simmons is also supposed to be working on something with the Angry Birds franchise.

The reason Freddie Mercury i joining the Angry Birds family is to celebrate the famed rockstar’s birthday (Sept 5).

Rovio has released a video (Below) which shows Freddie Mercury as the king of the Angry Birds world, riding a bicycle with his famous song Bicycle Race as background music. They’re also selling limited edition t-shirts with Freddie the Angry Bird.