Crazy Racing 3D- Best Free

MobAppBox have just released their latest free-to-play racing game, Crazy Racing 3D, a game that promises gameplay equivalent to its name.

Crazy Racing 3D has very simple controls and objectives. You have to shake your device to accelerate your car. Only two fingers are needed to control and steer your car, while one of them can be used to fire missiles, yes you’ve heard it right missiles, at you opponents or just regular cars.

The game offers a top-down perspective and the objective is to avoid as many obstacles as you can going as fast as you can without colliding with any of the other cars. The game has four different tracks that you can play on in the endless mode and also gives you the option of compete against others.

The game offers decent visuals and the sound effects are tolerable, but what draws one to this game is its unique objective ans style, which even though is used in a few other games, is still refreshing. Crazy Racing 3D is available for free on the Google Play market.

Download Crazy Racing 3D.