Anti-theft apps are available in large numbers on the Google Play store and one cant help wondering which one’s are actually effective. Most of the anti-theft apps are nothing but a big hoax which make people believe in something far more than they actually expect to receive.

Throwing light on the aforementioned dilemma which customer’s are facing, LG Netherlands have taken it upon themselves in releasing this humorous video advertisement which portrays a series of people getting bashed in the face, arms, body and literally everywhere you can possibly imagine with a football. LG is actually promoting a feature called Push Goal Alert. The notification will alert you when your favorite team in the Premier (Football) League scores but we thought of framing it into something which is funny and actually quite thought provoking.

So the next time you happen to see an LG phone lying on the floor make sure you leave it that way until and unless your’e in a mood to get your face bashed !!!

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