We’ve been regularly reporting on Dead Trigger, whether it be the actual release of the game or its various updates and upgrades, we’ve covered it all and now it seems only right to write about Dead Trigger’s new Wikia page.

Wikia is an interesting site where people can go and make a page about any subject. These pages are actually more like mini wiki sites where people can go and write or read about that particular subject.

The Dead Trigger Wikia page contains a lot of information, whether it be stats on a specific weapon or more detailed maps, that may be of help to anyone who is stuck or for those of you who want to help out other Dead Trigger players.

A game usually only gets a Wikia page after it has gathered a large fan following and it seems that Dead Trigger has reached that point. This is also one of the very very few Wikia’s of Android games out there. You can visit the Dead Trigger Wikia from the link below.

Dead Trigger Wikia