Samsung still on top

A wise man once said that “It takes more than just a bullet to keep a grown man down”. Well the same can be said in a similar pretext for Samsung as well. Even after losing the patent war battle with Apple (along with billions of dollars in the process), the company still managed to pull it self up and this was clearly seen at the recently concluded events in Berlin; Samsung Unpacked 2012 as well as the annual Electronic consumer fair IFA, 2012 

With that said, credit should be given to the Korean Tech giants that even after facing such adversity, it still hasn’t allowed anyone to shake its core foundation and still remains to be the global leader in the Smartphone, Phablet and Tablet industry. Talkandroidphones would like to take this opportunity to support and congratulate Samsung for all its success and wishes the company best of luck for its future endeavors (and yeah how can we forget….its lawsuits too).