If you were a 90’s child then most of you would probably remember spending your childhood playing with one of the most popular portable devices of that time; the Gameboy. Games like Mario, Pokemon and Final Fantasy were much to our fancy.  Now in 2012, we can revisit our childhood gaming days by installing an application called gameboid on your Android devices.


GameBoid Gameboy emulator for Android


Gameboid is basically a Gameboy advance emulator designed for android phones, which gives our phones the Gameboy interface so it feels like we’re actually using a Gameboy advance in our own hands.

The procedure for downloading this application to your android device is quite simple:

  1. Download the gameboid application from here. You will have to download it from the provided link as the app is not officially available on the Play Store.
  2. Download the gameboid bios.bin
  3. Copy the bios file to your SD card or external memory .
  4. Open the gameboid emulator and specify the bios file. Once this bios file is specified leave it the way it is, don’t attempt to change it.
  5. Hit the menu button on the emulator  and load the game Rom. Rom is basically a substitution for the cartridges that we used to input into our Gameboy and these roms can be found all over google.

Gameboid Gameboy emulator for Android   Gameboid Gameboy Emulator for Android


Now all you have to do is kickback, relax and let the gaming begin! I have personally used this application and I’m completely satisfied with its features. Actually made me feel like a little boy again, spending endless hours playing Pokemon (and still hoping to catch ’em all). So all you Gameboy fanatics out there what are you waiting for ?