galaxy s4

Since the beginning of this year, the one and only thing which everyone was anxiously talking about was definitely the Galaxy S3 and amidst all the lawusits, patents war and miscellaneous court room battles, Samsung managed to pull off one of the most spectacular mobile launches t0-date when they FINALLY announced the launch of their much awaited and certainly most anticipated smartphone of 2012, the Galaxy S3. Samsung recently reported that they have sold more then 20 million units worldwide in just 90 days and is hoping to reach the 30 million mark before the end of this year which is a tremendous feat to achieve.

The Galaxy S3 has undoubtedly swept the world by storm with its state of the art functionalities and if that is not enough to get you all excited then wait till you read the next few lines. We have strong insider rumors stating that Samsung are ready to launch the Galaxy S4 in February at next year’s Mobile World Congress with a global launch scheduled to take place sometime in March. The news was leaked by a Samsung official who claimed that the S4 is more than capable of drawing the limelight away from Apple’s iPhone 5 which was launched just a few days ago. He further went on to state,

“Samsung is asking Apple to pay more to use its mobile application processors produced at its plant in Austin, Texas. The release of the S4 means more market share for Samsung as it is the only firm that can guarantee on-time delivery, output commitment and better pricing for mobile application processors.”

Even though these are just rumors at this point in time, we are assuming that the upcoming S4 might include a 5-inch OLED display (which is a 0.2 inch increase from the current GS3), which may or may not feature Samsung’s flexible display technology, apparently due to production problems. When it comes to design, a Samsung partner said to expect the same rectangle shape with extremely rounded corners, but this time around, Samsung is currently in talks to offer modified designs to specific US carriers similar to the launch of the Galaxy S2.

The Samsung executive also said the S4 would “definitely use” LTE along with Samsung’s in-house quad-core Exynos processor. We are assuming that this time around, there wont be a need to use Qualcomm’s chips for LTE compatibility in some countries like the US, with Samsung’s chips taking its place.

All in all, this little piece of news has gotten us all excited the instant we heard about it and even though there’s still a long long way to go for the S4 to be officially launched, there would certainly be more rumors like these surfacing in the upcoming days and weeks and we would gladly share them with you all. Till then, do share your reactions to Samsung’s next BIG THING and also let us know as to what new features you would like to see over and above the existing Galaxy S3.