Samsung’s website has suggested that they are amid development of 13- Megapixel Camera for mobile phones and tablets. The CMOS images sensors called S5K3L2 is expected to support a maximum resolution of 4208×3120 plus back side illumination for low light images. According to them the sensors will be deployed in their 2013 smartphone/phablet/tablet line up, which could start from none other than the rumored Galaxy S4 or the Galaxy S HD.

According to Samsung’s website:

CMOS image sensors (CIS) convert light falling upon them into an equivalent electrical signal. They are thus one of the most important components of any digital imaging device such as a digital still/video camera and determine the quality of the images/videos captured by the camera. Apart from digital cameras almost all mobile computing and communication devices in use today such as smartphones and tablet computers are equipped with the ability to take photos and shoot videos. CIS devices are extensively used in today-acute;s mobile applications.


Production Status Under Development
Product Type Sensor Only
Application Mobile phone, Tablet
Resolution 4208×3120
Pixel Size(um) 1.12
Pixel Type BSI
Optical Format(inch) 1/3
Frame Rate(fps) 30
Package Wafer, Die



Source: Samsung