LG Optimus Nexus


These days rumors of all sort seem to be the in-thing and with that said, one particular rumor is going to leave everyone a wee bit surprised…..to say the least !! Well according to a few sources, Google are pairing up with LG to release a new juiced up version of their already popular Nexus which was initially manufactured by Samsung.

Currently the device is known only as the LG Optimus Nexus, with no confirmation as to whether the Optimus Tag would remain intact (since its the cornerstone of LG’s elite line of Android smartphone series) or would it simply be known as the next Nexus ? Now coming to the part which everyone is anxiously waiting to read…..the specs !!


LG Optimus Nexus


According to a few strong rumors, the LG Optimus Nexus would come with a quad-core Qualcomm S4 processor, industry leading 720p True HD IPS Plus display, 2GB of multitasking RAM, 32GB of spacious internal storage, 13MP camera, NFC, LTE, and Android 4.1 JellyBean. As mentioned earlier, these are nothing but just sheer rumors which haven’t been confirmed by either Google nor LG at this point in time. A few days back we even heard rumors stating that even Sony are lining up a move to launch their version of the Google Nexus. Only time would tell as to exactly when and which manufacturer would lay their  hands on Google’s next compadre