Rolling Head

Maqna Interactive has just released a unique zombie-apocalypse based game titled Rolling Heads, where you actually play as the lost and misplaced head of a zombie longing to meet his body before he rots and,,well dies again.

The game starts after a recent zombie apocalypse where you happened to lose your head.The objective of the game is to to get back to your body before rotting. The game moves through 20 farm-themed levels filled with obstacles that range from mud patches to some furious humans who greet you with forks and take extreme pleasure in hunting down the last remnants of your species. Fortunately enough, you can restore some of your health by eating brains, which happen to be scattered throughout every level.

Rolling Head is a pretty good game which features great graphics and unique gameplay. The sound of your head rolling on the ground isn’t too bad either. Rolling Head is available on the Google Play store for free.

Download Rolling Head