Anxious Apple customer’s who had pre-ordered the iPhone5 have expressed their disappointment after receiving their devices. Apparently those customers who had opted for the Black and Slate versions of Apple’s flagship device have started complaining that their brand new out-of-the box devices have been victims of scratches and abrasions over the edges and near the antenna markers on the side of the device or some even close to the screen.


black iPhone 5 scratches


Angry Customers (and why shouldn’t they be after paying such a hefty price and not getting their money’s worth in return) started flooding Apple’s message boards with their honest views. There aren’t many reports from owners of the White & Silver iPhone 5 though, but that just might be due to the fact that the color isn’t particularly as popular as the Black one. Even though Apple have promised to replace any damaged devices, this will surely create a dent in the hearts of Apple’s brand loyal customers who are in a habit of always getting “perfection oriented devices”. Now for those who are planning of ordering it outside the US would have to be a little extra cautious or they could plain and simply wait a little longer until Apple fully acknowledges this issue.

Besides the aforementioned problems, users had a few other complaints as well which were directed towards the company for swapping out the usually reliable Google Maps software with its own version of mapping technology in iOS 6, which has been plagued by embarrassing glitches, from misnamed cities to missed landmarks to say the least.