Reports have emerged in the Electronic Times in Korea stating that Samsung Electronics has began developing a WebKit-based mobile browser to be integrated with its already quite popular Galaxy range of Android Smartphones . WebKit is an open source web browser engine, which also happens to be a base engine for Apple’s web browser “Safari” as well as Google’s default Android browser which comes pre-installed on any Android device.

According to a recent survey conducted in Britain reveals that the iPhone and BlackBerry browsers top the list and remain the most popular mobile browsers, reflecting how popular BlackBerry’s still are, with Android’s stock software arriving third. Third-party browsers including Opera have a negligible share of the UK browser market, according to StatCounter although Opera is the most popular mobile browser worldwide, just edging past Android.

In February of this year, Google launched “Chrome Mobile” which is much more advanced than the existing default Android browser. Chrome Mobile, which is currently only supported on devices having Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.1 JellyBean has been one of the most popular browsers to-date and its assumed that Samsung’s browser would surely compete with Chrome in this regard..

Lets be honest now, many Android users still seem happy to use the default browser on their devices, so its definitely going to be a tough ask for Samsung to encourage its Galaxy users to switch to its very own-brand browser. As far as the Android browser is concerned, it is safe to say that almost every Android experience is almost if not exactly the same across various platforms, so it’s important for companies manufacturing Android devices to distinguish their Webkit in such a way that their own branded browsers seem to be significantly better than the rest.