Prince of Persia Classic Free

Ubisoft has recently released a number of games, one of which is the much awaited Prince of Persia Classic, the mobile version of the popular 1989 game.

If you have played the series or any of the games in it, you may recall that the original Prince of Persia was one of the hardest to get through, and now you get to do it all over again… on your mobiles. In Prince of Persia Classic you will be performing all those dangerous moves, exactly like what you did in the original game, while on your missions to save the princess.

The game also features two new game modes Survival and Time Attack. Both of these modes require you to complete the game under an hour but Survival requires you to do that in one life.

Prince of Persia Classic is essentially a reskin of the original 1989 Prince of Persia game equipped with new modernized looks, smoother gameplay and smoother controls. The graphics too have been redone by Ubisoft with the new graphics looking much more vibrant and containing much more details.

If you want to relive old memories or make new ones then this is the game for you. Two versions of Prince of Persia Classic are available on the Google Play store one for free while the other one requires you to pay $2.99.

Download Prince of Persia Classic

Download Prince of Persia Classic Free