Music Players for Android can be found in abundance all over the Play Store but there are a few which really tend to stand out from the rest. PowerAmp being one of them. Till now the Beta version was only available for download but it did happen to pack a good set of features nonetheless. Max MP, the developers of this amazing music app have now finally decided to remove the “beta” tag from it making it a full fledged player for your Android devices.

The new update brings with it a lot of noticeable improvements and quite a few changes as well. For starters, users running Android 4.1 JellyBean will now see rich notifications for controlling music playback straight from the notification pane. Music apps are one of the main categories that we knew would benefit from rich notifications so it’s no surprise it was added as quickly as it was.

PowerAmp for Android  PowerAmp for Android  PowerAmp for Android

Besides that, other noteworthy changes include an improvised support for various audio/video file formats including .wav and .wma support, audio in .flv support and deeper levels of music folder navigation (up to 10 folders now), and further improvements and bug fixes. The new version certainly seems quite promising and definitely seems to remain on top of the food (player) chain for a long long time. Well done guys !!


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