The Google Play Store app has been updated with a few noteworthy additions to its already impressive arsenal. The new update brings an all new “App Removal” option from the already existing “ALL” list ¬†which till now used to only show those apps which were downloaded and installed in the past whereas in most cases many people used to get only those apps displayed in the list which were installed after a phone was factory reset. With the new update, app removal has been made relatively quite simple.


Google Play Store update


The update also brings with it another new good feature called the “UPDATE COUNT”. Up till now, the Play Store used to tell us exactly as to how many updates were there and ready for downloading, nothing more nothing less. With the new update count feature, you get to know exactly how many apps need to get updated. Even though its not a major feature to ravel home about but still it does make the functionality of the app a little more efficient. The update is going to officially start rolling out in a few days but if your one of those (like myself) who do not like to wait for those annoying “Few Days” then you can manually download it from here.