Gmail 4.2 update


Google are apparently readying themselves to roll out a much awaited update for its Gmail app which is one of the most common and widely used Android app EVER !!! The new 4.2 update will bring with it a few new features which were currently missing one of which (as unusual and strange as it may sound) is the Pinch-t0-Zoom feature (yeah yeah I know) which is the basic feature of any Android app was apparently missing all this time.

 Pinch to zoom


Besides the pinch to zoom, other features include a whole new swipe feature which when enabled lets you to either archive or delete a particular mail by swiping either left or right. It also lets you choose between either delete, always delete, or do nothing when in the All Mail or Sent views. As far as I am guessing, the “archive or delete” option will hit you with a prompt asking you which one you want to do. You’ll also be able to do this for labels. Performing the gesture on “regular labels” will remove that label.


Android gmail


Last but certainly not the least, Google have added a new “Report Phishing” feature to the update. With that said, it seems that Google probably wanted to give users a way to report the far more serious problem of phishing instead of the more generalized spam. This would hopefully allow them to tackle (and eradicate) these malicious emails more effectively and efficiently.

The update is said to be for Android Jelly Bean but there are strong rumors suggesting that its going to be available for other versions of Android as well. Even though no official word has been given by Google as to exactly when we should be expecting the update, we do anticipate for it to be released along with the the possible launch of the Android 4.2 powered LG Nexus in the upcoming months who knows ? Till then it seems that we’l just have to wait for both of them to come out of the hiding. Agreed ?