Android battery test


Android users are pretty much aware of this fact that battery life is the Achilles heal of almost any Android phone. Agreed ? This problem has been magnified even further with the introduction of high speed 4G LTE connections which are well known for their hunger for battery energy. Today we are going to show you exactly which smartphone (including both Android and Non-Android devices) has the longer battery life while browsing the web on a normal 3G network.


S3 battery test


The results are quite self explanatory to say the least. As we can see from the above pic, the Samsung Galaxy S3 does stand out from the rest by lasting for an impressive 359 minutes with the Sony Xperia S coming next in line and so-forth. We were expecting The HTC One X to be in line with the Galaxy S3 with its massive 1800 mAh battery but it seems that the Galaxy S3’s mammoth 2100 mAh battery has indeed managed to out pace the One X by quite a noteworthy margin. The bar highlighted in yellow indicates the test results of 99 different devices which were tested all together and most of them managed to run for approximately 193 minutes. The HTC Sensation XL was the least impressive out of all of them lasting for a meager 139 minutes even though it comes packed with a 1600 mAh battery which by no means is less.


Android battery test


So there you have it folks !!! The Galaxy S3 has once again managed to win the race when it comes to battery life  and probably many other things as well. So for the time being we’ll be sticking with our initial claim that currently the Galaxy S3 is indeed the best Android Smartphone phone in the world. Would somebody like to defer on that ? Please feel free to share your views with us.