Viruses and Mal-ware are a real nuisance for any operating system, Mal-ware’s though not a big problem, but still they become really annoying and must be handled carefully. Android OS is no exception from Mal-ware attacks, though it had done a brilliant job with the help of the bounder and a kill switch to keep things nice and clean and Google will not stop there.

There has been a code found in the Google Play Store APK, that Google is planning to put a scanner in the app itself. This would scan the apps you download as well the ones already installed in your device. Google does the scanning when a developer uploads the app for the first time though, but more protection is always better.

Another feature would include a wishlist system in the Play Store, and also the ability to top-up your Play Store credit, so you do not need to go to any store and buy it. Though we do not have any news as to when these nifty changes are going to take place,  Google has come a long way from the Android Market to the Play Store now, which is getting better and better with features day by day. So, all we can say is Keep up the good work Google.