Google Even on October 29

 Hey guys its time to once again mark our calendars for Google’s next big event which is set to take place on the 29th of October 2012 in New York where the search giants are all set to unveil their next BIG product. Now its still not confirmed as to what exactly Google have in store for us; whether its the launch of the much awaited (LG) Nexus 4, or the the next version of Android 4.2 currently code-named “Limepie” we honestly do not know.

Google’s tagline for the event is “The playground is open” message, which could mean we’ll see more than one device making an appearance. Google’s last Nexus smartphone was the Galaxy Nexus, which was launched in October last year. The search giant’s Nexus handsets aim to offer a “pure Android” experience, free from user interface tweaks and software installations from manufacturers and mobile networks.

It is possible that Google could announce several Nexus devices to mark the fifth birthday of Android. Recent rumors have suggested that Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG are all preparing their version of the Nexus devices both in the phone and Tablet categories. The event seems to be a smart move on the part of Google since its scheduled to take place just days after Apple and Microsoft unveil their products, the new iPad mini and Windows Phone 8 devices respectively.The event will kick off at 10 am New York time and will be fully streamed live at  So are you guys all pumped up and ready for the big event ? We are as well !