google Q3 results

Google has had two pretty decent  Quarters this year. Google’s Q3 didn’t match up to Wall Street’s expectations, the company’s trading of their stock had to be suspended temporarily as well. Though it was not all that bad for Google as they for the first time reached the $14 billion mark in a quarter.

The revenue was helped mostly by Motorola Mobility Inc., which is planning to launch True Google Motorola devices in 2013. Google had acquired this company in May of this year  The revenue earned for a 45% increase as compared to last year. At the end of the day Google’s stocks closed at 8 % down.


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  1. Jibran Effendi says:

    Guys, its pretty informative data. Keep it up. Btw upload a review for the iPad mini guys as you’re pretty updated geeks 😀 keep up!
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