Samsung Wireless Charger

The Samsung GALAXY S III not only brought with it a whole new array of different functionality but it also brought along with it  a long line of superb never before seen or heard of accessories to go hand-in-hand with this beast of a phone and the wireless charging kit is one of them. The Wireless charging kit which will be available for Samsung GALAXY S III and Samsung GALAXY Note II users pretty soon is very simple to operate.

Samsung wireless charging

All you need to do is put your Samsung phone in a special case (included in the wireless charging kit) then place your phone close to the dock and it will start charging without the use of any additional cables of any sort and the overall charging speed of the device is also relatively quite quicker as compared to before.

Samsung Wireless Charger


What makes Samsung’s wireless charging solution stand out is the fact that the charging coil used in these devices is 40% thinner, and is attached to the inside of the battery cover. This would allow Samsung to keep on making very thin devices in the future, and at the same time back them up with wireless charging capabilities. The kit which is scheduled to come out sometime in November is currently rumored to be priced at around $80-90