Jelly Bean for Galaxy S3 in Pakistan


After months of delays and false alarms, the Samsung  GALAXY S III has finally received the much awaited Android Jelly Bean OTA update today in Pakistan, the Middle East and other countries including UAE, Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq and Turkey to name a few. As reported earlier, the update was initially sheduled to arrive in Poland somewhere in September with the rest of the countries getting a taste of it a little later on. The 4.1.1 update (which is around 279MB) brings along with it all the perks for which Android’s current OS has been recognized for including the silky smooth UI in the form of Google’s “Project Butter” along with the latest addition to the search giant’s new and much improved (read accurate) version of its search portal in the form of “Google Now” which runs on Google’s new Knowledge Graph platform.

Pakistan gets Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update   Pakistan gets Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update  Pakistan gets Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update

Other notable additions include a revamped camera with the Jelly Bean exclusive pinch to zoom and flip option which lets you scroll through the stored pics even when the camera is still on and running. This whole quick little process happens in real time and it does prove to be quite handy if someone wants to just quickly browse through the pics without having to go in the Gallery every time. The Jelly Bean update has also brought with it an upgrade to the phone’s default UI in the form of Samsung’s very own “Touchwiz” which does tend to add a little more zing to the device (even though at times, it can be darn annoying as well). We can also see a few tweaks made in the drop down notification bar which now gives a more detailed description of the different notifications which can be easily expanded and retracted whenever needed.

Pakistan gets Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update   Pakistan gets Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update


Overall everything else seems to work absolutely great with the new update, so now, all those Jelly Bean enthusiast’s who couldn’t wait to get their hands on it can finally start doing so. Good luck !