pano create A first hand look at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean   android 42 keyboard A first hand look at Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Android 4.2 brought with it a bunch of new features including the impressive new Camera feature called Photo Sphere. It lets you take 360 Panoramic images, but not just any panoramic image similar to what you would find on Google Maps. If  you can not wait for the update to come to your phones, then your in for a real treat. Our friends at XDA Developers have did it again! They have ported Jelly Bean 4.2’s camera, new keyboard and the stock clock. You will have to ROOT your phone to do this.

Installation Instructions For Camera and Keyboard:

1. Download the “” file FROM HERE.
2. Place the zip file on the root of your phone’s storage.
3. Reboot into your recovery.
4. Just in case, make a backup.
5. Flash the “” file. (No need to wipe anything)
6. Once installed, reboot your phone.
7. Enjoy!

In order to install the Stock Clock do all the above steps. You can download the Clock file here

Talk Android Phones will not be responsible for any problem if occurred during this process. Do it at your own risk!