These days it seems that technology has engulfed its self around almost everything; from state of the art Smartphones to the latest high-tech Televisions etc etc. Each day is filled with new innovations along with continuous improvement over a passage of time. Technology has spread so far and wide now that its almost impossible to cope without it and on that note we would like to talk about a very unique hotel which is sure to amaze you all. The Aloft Hotel, located in the heart of Bangkok offers its customers each and everything with just a single touch. Literally !!



Now you all must be wondering as to exactly why we are talking about the services provided by some random tourist hotel in Bangkok on an Android blog ? Right ? Well to start things off, this hotel is not the ordinary check-in and check-out type, instead, it is entirely operated through an ordinary Android Smartphone. Surprised much ? Wait till you read more !! Apparently, the Aloft Hotel offers its customers a free Samsung Galaxy S2 (till the customer is checked-in with the hotel) on arrival which comes pre-installed with the Hotel’s custom made app with an extremely friendly user interface (UI). The smartphone functions as an all-in-one multipurpose device enabling the customers to access their rooms without the need of carrying any key cards. The NFC operated system works flawlessly and is completely hassle free allowing users to simply swipe their phones in front of the security panel to gain access to the rooms.


Samsung Galaxy S2   Samsung Galaxy S2


Once inside, you can control almost everything with your Android device, from turning on the lights or flipping through different channels on your bedroom TV etc. The app also serves as a perfect companion as far as in-room services are concerned. You can easily contact room service, set the privacy status on the door or even roll down/up your bedroom curtains for that matter. The phone also comes with a pre-installed SIM which enables users to make calls or send messages to loved ones located anywhere in the world. To be very honest, I for once was quite surprised while coming across this one of a kind hotel located at a place which has been visited on a number of occasions now. Aloft have seemed to attract quite a handful of customers with the launch of their new High-tech services but the one bone of contention among all of this is the security concern of the device. The hotel does not take responsibility for any kind of damage or an unforeseen incident for that matter. If such a thing has to happen (God forbid) then the customer has to pay the entire damage costs.



Overall this is quite a unique idea adapted by the hotel management and paves a gateway for other companies to initialize the same services in the near future. Kudos to Aloft !