Isn’t it frustrating that while your in the middle of an important conversation, watching a movie, skyping with family/freinds or doing just about anything and then all of a sudden you hear that annoying little beeping sound which indicates that your device has almost ran out of battery. The Mophie Juice Pack® for the Samsung  GALAXY S III is a durable, ultra-thin case carrying a rechargeable battery which extends your battery life upt0 32 additional hours for audio, 8 hours of video playback and 9 additional hours of uninterrupted web browsing.

Galaxy S3 battery extender


  • 100% Extra Battery Life-Packed with a 2300mAh rechargeable battery, users will appreciate up to 9 hours of additional talk time, 11 additional hours of Internet use, 32 hours of audio playback, or 8 hours of video playback
  • Custom Design-The ultra-thin, lightweight and low-profile case design provides protection while perfectly complementing the sleek look of the Galaxy S III
  • Sync with Ease-A pass-through USB cord allows users to charge and sync without removing their mobile device from the juice pack case
  • Charge on Demand-Features an on/off toggle switch that allows for standby and charging mode, giving users the ability to dictate when extra juice is needed
  • Battery Status Indicator-An integrated 4 LED status indicator notifies the user of how much battery power is left and displays how much charge time remains when the case is plugged in


The battery pack is currently available for $100 so if your one of those frustrated customers who would like to do with some additional juice for their otherwise amazing device should definitely give this one a go ahead.