The new online game has brought two games of Angry Birds and the Star Wars together under the same adventure of Angry Birds Star Wars. In the meanwhile, the game of Angry Birds has gained immense popularity among the online gamers and the various users of social networking sites. The adventure of the Angry Birds, as well as that of the Star Wars, though both are generations apart, was tremendously popular.

The latest developer of android applications has made it possible to bring the games under one single roof and make it even more exciting. The combination of the Birds, Darth Vader, Jedis and Pigs together in one single game has made it even more exciting and adventurous.

The new game of angry birds star wars golden eggs walk through provides an environment of outer space, where the player is engaged in intense fight using the birds. The player needs to choose the right bird according to their powers, in order to win the levels of the game. Various birds have their own natural power and abilities and the player has to use them accordingly, in order to ward-off the factors like, zero gravity of the space, etc.

Even then, the game is a simple one and has resemblance to the earlier games of the Angry Birds. A few levels of the new game of Angry Birds Star Wars even are quite similar to the game of earlier Angry Birds Space. The application of the game of new Angry Birds Star Wars is even compatible with the android powered devices. The players would not find it difficult to play the game in such devices, since the game is designed to be played on the android version of the new smartphones. The introduction of the Mighty Falcon has even made the game much more interesting. The latest update of the android game can also be had from the site of