LG vs Samsung

Samsung and patents seem to go hand in hand don’t they ? Well apparently after the whole Apple saga, the Korean giants are now shifting their focus onto their local rivals and another Korean based electronic giants LG. Samsung are getting their legal team together  in filing a patent infringement case against LG over their OLED screen technology which according to Samsung should be deemed as invalid. The tides have seemed to turn up against LG who back in October had filed a similar patent case against Samsung for their use of technology in manufacturing the OLED displays.


Samsung vs LG


Samsung are apparently seeking to have seven patents granted by a Korean intellectual property tribunal rendered invalid on the basis that they simply aren’t innovative enough to warrant such rights. Voiding such patents could effectively end LG’s ability to go after Samsung on the basis of infringement. Samsung have adopted the use of these OLED displays in most of their smartphones and since OLED’s do not have back-lighting  as in the case of traditional LCD’s, it results in slimmer and sleeker devices. Samsung are lining up their new Ativ range of Windows 8 devices which are rumored to have OLED displays in almost all the devices. Other devices include the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Nexus to name a few.

We’ll have to wait and see as to who comes out victorious in this new found battle of the screens and if (and only if) LG do happen to win  it, then that would be troublesome news for the South Korean giants. Will keep you guys informed on any further developments