Samsung are vying for a February launch of its new line of “Octa-Core Chips” at the annual ISSC conference. These powerful chips are rumored to have upto 8 cores which would be running on a Cortex A15 and Cortex A7 CPU in a “Big.Little” configuration. Big.Little architecture combines very low-power cores like Cortex A7 with very high-performance cores like Cortex A15, for a well optimized mobile experience and balanced battery life.


8 core mobile processor


These chips would be a first of their kind as currently speaking, even the most powerful devices are only running on the Quad-core chips. As far as we have been tipped off, these chips might very well be containing 2 clusters of dual core CPU’s specially designed for smartphones namely theĀ 2 A15+2 A7 chips. Ladies and Gentlemen it seems that the future is not too far from our reach and who knows me might just be getting our hands on one of these powerful devices as early as February 2013. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.