When most of you all were expecting the launch of Google’s next Android OS Key Lime Pie (Android 5.0) at Google’s Event in New York  last month, but were a bit disappointed that it was only the update for their current OS  Android 4.2  Jelly Bean. The mystery of the next Android OS keeps on continuing, but their has been a discovery of its existence  for the very first time in the form of a benchmark test.

The benchmark test was done on Sony’s upcoming smartphone called “Sony LT30i” which is still an unknown device so far. NenaMark benchmark charts showed this device running Android 5.0. This news suggests that this smartphone could be very well be the next Nexus smartphone.

key lime pie Sony next Nexus smartphone

This means that Google have finally started testing out their Next Gen Android OS, which is quite fast considering Jelly Bean 4.2 got launched last month only. Android 5.0 or Lime Pie will most probably be showing up in 2013, but we will just have to wait and see.Till now we have only seen tip of the iceberg, the glacier is still left to be uncovered.