There have been a number of occasions when we either forget to turn off our WiFi, Bluetooth or any other thing for that matter only to find out that the battery has been completely drained. Good Night Android is a simple solution to this problem. The app which is as simple as its name lets you turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, Sound, Vibration and a few other things which can be manually disabled from the checklist with just a click of a button. Its that simple !!


One Click Android  Once Click Android


Other features of this handy little app include its ability to turn on flight mode, start the alarm clock or lock your screen all with just a single click. You can revert back to the original settings the next morning when you wake up without any hassle. The app is available both as a free and a paid download with the paid app which is available for a $ 1.49 giving an additional feature of automatically reverting to the original settings when the phone is switched on in the morning.


Goodnight Android



  • One click toggle shortcut for day/night profile
  • Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, Sound & Vibration
  • Set your phone to flight mode
  • Lock the screen
  • Start alarm clock
  • Revert in the morning by clicking the notification
  • Show good night message with haptic feedback Switch between dark/light theme


For all those who are interested in saving their batteries (with an Android device who wouldn’t) can download this handy little app for free from the Play Store