Adblock Plus


One of the most (and the only) annoying thing about all those free apps downloaded from the Play Store can most certainly be the ads which come bundled with them as part and parcel of the app whether its a game, software, or any other utility for that matter. If it has the “free” prefix next to it, you are most certain to get those nagging ads no matter how much you wished that you didn’t. Well it seems that things are now starting to head in the right direction with this new app, Adblock Plus on which we laid our hands today. Adblock Plus which was initially one of the greatest Internet browser plugins ever created has finally made its way onto Android.


Adblock Android


The app basically allows you to block all annoying ads on your Android device including mobile ads, video advertising, banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising and much more without requiring any rooting. Now doesn’t that sound just too darn good ? Now before we put our download hats on, let us mention about a few limitations of the app as outlined by its developers. Non-rooted Android devices running Android 3.1 or later can only block ads over Wi-Fi and devices running Android 3.0 or earlier requires some manual configuration. But, devices that are rooted will have full access to blocking ads over Wi-Fi and 3G.


Adblock Plus


We tried Adblock on few of the apps installed on an unrooted Galaxy S2 and a Galaxy Tab 8.9 and were highly impressed with the results. Common apps such as Appy Geek, Angry Birds Star Wars (free), Apollo and a few others who show ads did not any more. If you’ve ever been annoyed to death by mobile ads, Adblock Plus for Android looks to be the perfect solution. Of course, the only people who won’t be happy about Adblock Plus are the advertisers. Feel free to give it a try from the Google Play Store now.