Health wristband

There have been a number of occasions where we feel like shedding few of those extra calories from the body but always end up not doing so. Either its because of a lack of motivation or in most of the cases, low self belief and a determined willpower. Isn’t it ? Well, all that is about to change with the launch of the “Larklife” which from the looks of it is just a regular looking wristband but with a little twist. Lark, the company who initially brought us the wristband alarm clock to track our sleep, have now come up with this unique little wristband that tracks your life. Literally ! The wristband comes with an official app that tracks your steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled as well as your diet and sleep too.


Health wristband


The app basically gathers, data via the wristband and provides personalized advice which is displayed on the smartphone app.  Some of the features are so accurate and appealing that it is sure to impress everyone who lay their eyes on it. For example, if you had a rough sleepless night, the app might suggest extra protein for breakfast, based on research that it can improve mental focus when someone is sleep deprived. Thirty minutes after a workout, it might remind the user to drink water to keep hydrated. Sounds impressive doesn’t it ? All the advice that the app provides is based on real-time data from the wristband, such as a reminder that the wearer has been sitting for more than 100 minutes and should walk around.


Health wristband


The company said it developed the app with sleep, nutrition, fitness and circadian rhythm experts along with a few neuro-scientists. For those of you who are on a diet, the app automatically logs meal times and can record more detailed information, such as type of food consumed. The wristband which is currently available for iPhone and iPod touch devices onlywill be sold in Apple stores and online in the United States sometime this month for $149.99. Till now, there is no official word for the app to make its way onto Android but we are anticipating it to arrive sometime in 2013. Hopefully.



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